Lego Architecture Studio

The latest kit leaves the instruction manual behind for you to create your own masterpiece

There’s no denying that the Lego Architecture series serves as an excellent excuse for big kids to get their hands on a classic children’s toy. Just like those days of Lego Star Fighters; you diligently follow each step, patiently trying not to skip ahead until you’re done. But a puzzle that comes with an instruction manual is inherently missing the creative angle that many of us are looking for. In the same vein, accomplishing Lego’s Falling Water was exciting down to the last block, but it’s just been sitting on our desk in completed form ever since. The same wave of excitement goes for all the great Lego Architecture kits, but with the release of Lego’s latest addition to the series, you’re finally free to create your own masterpiece.

Lego’s latest toolkit, Lego Architecture Studio, is comprised of over 1,200 monochromatic white and translucent pieces and, most importantly, no instruction manual. Every architect loves a completely clean slate, and this is it. Instead of instructions, the kit includes a 250-page book of Lego experiments conceived by the leading contemporary architecture firms like SOM, REX and Sou Fujimoto. The freedom was almost overwhelming at first, but all of the Lego sketches and building tips helped to get our architectural juices flowing.

With such a vast variety of pieces in the set, aspiring architects and licensed architects alike can really build anything imaginable. The box recommends ages 16 and up, which may seem old, but building such complex structures is arguably not for the faint of heart or easily distracted. Trust us, there’s no shame in buying a Lego Architecture Studio for the office. The kit will be available from Lego’s online shop in the US for $150 beginning 1 August 2013.

Images by Lauren Espeseth