Shawn Barber and Turf One: Life Size

shawn-barber-lifesize-11.jpg turfone-lifesize-10.jpg

A dual exhibition, Life Size juxtaposes the work of artists Shawn Barber and Turf One for a show of portraits. The irreverent paintings depict fringe members of society in styles that have a religious, even Divine Comedy-like vibe.

Barber—a San Francisco-based artist who feels "authenticity comes from fearlessness" and whose recent show "Anathema" featured paintings of masturbating nuns—perfectly compliments Paris-born artist Turf One's style of allowing his subconscious to dictate his work, typically resulting in paintings of sinister carnival workers and sideshow acts. The pieces in this tag-team exhibition at Montreal's Galerie d’art Yves Laroche showcase each artist's talent in a variety of mediums, from tattoos and graffiti to oil paint and gold leaf.


An extensive interview with Fecal Face, examines Barber's life as a painter and professional illustrator, detailing his outlook on his passion and the industry it belongs to, alongside a selection of some of his best works (shown above and top right).


Also an illustrator, Jean Labourdette—aka Turf One—now resides in Montréal, where he combines his passion for graffiti with fine art by using items found outside like rusty street signs as his blank canvas (pictured above and top left).

Life Size
Opening Reception: 2 September 2009, 6-9pm
2-13 September 2009
Galerie d’art Yves Laroche
4 Rue Saint-Paul Est
Montreal, Canada map
tel. +1 514 393 1999