Lights Out

Catch better Zs with this blackout sleep mask's REM-promoting molded shape


Hibernation might be a bear thing, but getting serious shut-eye is key to not just more pleasant and productive days but longterm health benefits too. While I’ve tried a few gadgets designed to help you sleep, nothing quite beats the simplicity of a good mattress and sleep mask. One I found recently called Lights Out does just as its name implies. Made from contoured foam covered in a smooth satin fabric, the mask molds around your eyes to block out nearly all light—even in an unfortunately bright bedroom or aboard a red-eye.

Also an advantage over standard sleep masks that lie flat on your face, the sculpted material promotes uninterrupted REM sleep by allowing plenty of room for your body’s natural rapid eye movement during sleep cycles. Simply adjust the mask with its Velcro headband to achieve the necessary blackout effect, and a Batman look.


Get your Lights Out mask from Flight 001 or Magellan’s for around $15, in a variety of colors.