Link About It: This Week’s Picks


1. Haiti Before and After
Keeping up to date with the aftermath in Haiti, The New York Times has an interactive satellite map displaying the terrain before and after the deadly earthquake, showing the tragic devastation of this disaster.

2. Food Printer
Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran of the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT have devised an ingenious automated "food printer" that stores food and makes your favorite recipes for you through an elaborate layering process. via Tree Hugger.

3. Coloring Books for Adults
The Colour Lovers blog points us to a great roundup of quirky and playful coloring books made for adults.

4. Flag Art and Design
From the If You Could Collaborate Catalogue, And Beyond and Karl Grandin combined world flags into a cohesive design triumph.
via It's Nice That.

5. Berea College Crafts
A small liberal arts college in Berea, Kentucky has students producing handmade wood, weaving, and ceramic crafts in exchange for free tuition. The variety finished goods are then sold on their online shop.

6. Your Own Pop-up Shop for the Day
Kill Devil Hill in Brooklyn is giving you the chance to rent out their storefront for the day anytime in February through March to indulge in any of your creative fantasies.

7. Jonny Wan Illustration
Colorful and detailed illustrations from designer Jonny Wan have resulted in some truly magnificent pieces. You can purchase prints of his work over at his shop. via Grain Edit.

8. Strange Worlds
Prepare to be in awe of the incredibly dramatic landscapes shot by photographer Matthew Albanese. Each photograph is shot using advanced lighting techniques and complex angles.