Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The textbook of iPads, DVF hospital gowns, getting lost on purpose and more in our look back at the week on the web

1. Kno

Of the many iPad rivals popping up recently, the Kno’s dual-screen design makes some of the most exciting promises. The new hardware company, positioning the device as “everything a textbook was and will be,” might just be able to pull it off with a $46 million investment from Netscape founder Marc Andreessen’s firm.

2. Getting Lost

Follow Matt Gross, the former New York Times Frugal Traveler, in his new series “Getting Lost” as he sets out with a mission to literally get lost and explore a city with just basic instinct and direction. The goal is to experience culture without preparing for it, making the travel experience truly first-hand.

3. Dries van Noten Interview

Dazed Digital caught up with Dries van Noten, one of the most creative minds in contemporary fashion design, for an interview that delves into his current work and upbringing.

4. Milk Studios Site Redesign

Just in time for NYC’s fashion week (Milk hosts some of the event’s best parties and shows), our friends at Base have re-imagined the studio’s site as an “Oracle.” The slick homepage allows for easy and quick browsing of their various projects all under one roof. Also check out Milk’s new Milk Made blog (another collaboration with Base) for great images of their events.

5. Diane von Furstenberg Hospital Gowns

Applying elements from her iconic wrap dresses, Diane von Furstenberg reinvented hospital gowns for the Cleveland Clinic with a bold, graphic print derived from the clinic’s logo, ties at the sides, and a lighter weight fabric to address concerns that patients were too warm.

6. Plumen Light Bulb

The Plumen Light Bulb (years in the making) has an impressive form challenging the unattractive energy saving light bulbs most of us have in our homes.

7. Uniqlo Lucky Counter

LSN Global points us to yet another clever internet campaign by Japanese retailer Uniqlo, which encourages Twitter users to tweet about Uniqlo items, lowering prices based on the number of tweets an item gets.

8. Freitag Reference

Known for their recycled messenger bags, Freitag recently launched a new collection of horse messenger-inspired bags called Freitag Reference.