Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A retro-future Rolls, interactive window displays, multimedia nonfiction and more in our weekly Internet round-up


1. Rolls Royce Apparition

The Rolls Royce Apparition concept, designed by Art Center school of design student Jeremy Westerlund, proves that ballin’ hard should have no temporal or logistical limits by marrying design elements from a Gattaca-like future and a Great Gatsby past.

2. KAWS Light Bulb Set for The Standard

Mixing the flattering glow of incandescents with KAWS’ playfully minimalist aesthetic, these new Standard hotel-branded lightbulbs, limited to an edition of 1,000 and $65 for a set of six, will add the necessary louche touch to your next house party or hotel-room tryst.

3. Interactive Display Window

Briefed to connect streetwear brand WeSC to music and art, Hyper Island’s Marcus Wallander created an interactive window display in which passersby control the user-contributed videos simply by walking by.

4. The Ride Journal

Another Something alerts us to the upcoming fifth issue of The Ride Journal, a magazine packed with beautiful photos, personal stories, illustrations and insight all centered around cycling.


5. Throwdown 1.5

Now in its second edition or “1.5,” Prospect New Orleans’ 15-week-long art event consisting of installations throughout the city (the largest biennial in the U.S.) continues to fulfill its sole mission of attracting visitors and media attention. The
closing party
on 5 February 2011 makes a great excuse to support it and check out this year’s line-up of world-class artists before it closes.

6. Melt your Gold

The talented jewelry-maker Jill Platner helps offset the environmental impact of mining by recycling unwanted jewelry. Melt your gold and receive store credit for one of her stunning handmade designs.

7. Uniforms for the Dedicated Spring 2011

From slightly tapered acid-wash jeans to more wearable looks like camel-colored cardigans, Uniforms for the Dedicated presented their spring collection in a look book full of witty and surreal touches.

8. CMYKilla

College Humor moves into edutainment with a goofy tutorial on the basics of Photoshop that riffs off the trend of multiwindow music videos—starring CMYKilla as the teacher.


9. Fantastic Food: The Winner

Crowd-sourcing images of food, Nowness put them to judges and narrowed them down to one mouthwatering result—a photograph of Vancover B.C. restaurant Keefer’s pork dumplings that the chef makes according to a secret family recipe.

10. Buben & Zorweg Python V12 Watch Winder

The perfect accent to outfit your yacht, compound or personal space station,
Buben & Zorweg’s watch winder, humidor and bar is designed to highlight up to 36 of your favorite ruby-encrusted time pieces and will set you back $55,500.

11. With the Atavist, E-Reading Goes to Great Lengths

Explaining it as both a modern chapbook and, jokingly, “non-fiction novellas,” freelance journalist Evan Ratliff and Wired editor Nick Thompson settled on describing their joint venture Atavist as a “boutique publishing house producing original nonfiction stories for digital, mobile reading devices.” It launches 26 January 2011 and promises music, images and other interactivity marrying magazine and book experiences.

Wolfgang Tillmans: Haiti one year on

Turner Prize-winning German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans traveled to Haiti a year after their devastating earthquake to survey and document the damage.