Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Glass-and-porcelain clothing, a wooden laptop case, an inside look at the Mast Brothers factory, and more


1. Buono Kettle
For the “pour over” method of drip brewing, this Japanese kettle’s elegant design makes the job easier and more ergonomic. Learn more about this increasingly popular brewing technique in this post on The Moment.

2. Reknit will take any old knit sweater and for $30 ship it back to you reknit into something new. This month, you can have it made into a scarf, but next month it could be anything from iPod case to a pair of socks.

3. Map²: The Zoomable Map on Paper
With a clever patented folding technique, this pocket-sized map means you don’t have to wrestle with an awkward full-size map but still get detail views.

Fast Company

4. Li Xiaofeng: Glass and Porcelain Clothing
Inspired by the Mediterranean tradition of breaking pottery to welcome the new year, Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng crafts shards of glass and porcelain into sculptures of sportcoats, dresses and more.

via Lost at E Minor

5. The Selby: The Mast Brothers Brooklyn Chocolate Factory
The Selby gives us an inside look at the chocolate making process behind chocolate artisans The Mast Brothers Brooklyn factory—the only bean to bar chocolate factory in New York City.
via The Scout Twitter

6. Wooden Laptop Case
This wooden laptop case by designer Rainer Spehl keeps laptops stylishly protected by way of a magnetic closing device and leather lining.
via Toxel

7. Consollection
Visual as well as informative, Consollection is an archive of (what we think are) pretty much
all of the at-home video game consoles
that have been produced throughout history.
via Yewknee

8. Dieter Fan
Following our recent review of the new Dieter Rams book, we came across
Nathan Yong’s Dieter Fan
through Minimalissimo. The fan, made for a Finnish design manufacturer called Skanno, uses Rams’ signature style and minimalist philosophy.