Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Personal submarines, Scott Campbell's tattoo art, and "guess who" sunglasses in this week's best of the web


1. NYFW: Polka-Dot Buildings

In honor of fashion week, Architizer’s street photographer snaps two New York buildings with
polka-dotted facades

2. En Selle Marcel

With Spring imminent, Yatzer reminds us of En Selle Marcel, Paris’ cycle shop dedicated to “Superior bicycles and timeless vintage accessories” highlighting the raw beauty of well-crafted bicycles. Stocking limited editions, special collaborations and high-caliber bikes, hopefully they also supply the world’s best locks.

3. Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow Sunglasses

For his latest line of Linda Farrow sunglasses British fashion designer Jeremy Scott includes a series of impish pairs that make life into a permanent game of peek-a-boo.

4. Noblesse Oblige

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell opens OHWOW’s new L.A. gallery with an exhibition of his latest works. Called Noblesse Oblige, the body of work includes tattooing on porcelain objects, as well as sculptures carved from sheets of money sourced from the U.S. Mint.


5. Greplin Search Bar

Greplin, a new search utility, doesn’t scan the web to find you the best deal on Panama Jack flip flops, but rather works as a personal search engine for all the data you keep floating in the great cloud. Give Greplin access to your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or any number of other online services, and it presents you with a Google-like search box to browse all the data you have locked away online.

6. Ego Personal Submarine

If you get jealous watching handsome, aging scientists climb into tiny glass orbs to descend to the greatest depths of the ocean, then the Ego might just be for you. Produced by Raonhaje, the Ego is a pontoon-like seacraft with a glass-encased viewing station below deck so you can lounge under water and enjoy the sights of the blue deep.

7. DIY Photorealistic Pouches

The great folks over at Photojojo have published an easy-to-use guide detailing how to construct your own photorealistic pouches. Follow these steps and you can make a cassette tape case to tote your iPod or Nintendo controller change purses.

8. Jersey Shore Infographic

Online Schools developed an infographic outlining the salaries of your favorite Jersey Shore cast members. From vodka sponsorships to book deals, the kids from the Tristate are cleaning up. Don’t look if you don’t appreciate unconventional talent.