Monocle Mediterraneo Newspaper

Tyler Brûlé's new broadsheet designed for leisurely summer reading

monocle-summer1.jpg monocle-summer2.jpg

An antidote to disco-worthy iPads and nerdy eReaders unfit for the beach, Monocle‘s recently published “Mediterraneo” newspaper, like their magazine, goes against the publishing grain for a glare-free summer read. The 64-page extension of the acclaimed glossy comes packed with sensible tips, progressive geopolitical thinking, and their reputable take on fashion and design.

monocle-summer3.jpg monocle-summer4.jpg

Meant as holiday companion, the mini-edition is now on sale at resorts from California to Lebanon and at select airports in between. The newspaper also sells online for £7, where you can check out their weekly audio series that accompanies the print issue.

Images via Selectism via MagCulture