Refillable Dry Erase Markers

Muji's elegantly designed refillable markers reduce waste


The latest gem we’ve come to love from Muji’s line of elegantly well-designed writing utensils is the refillable dry-erase marker. Perfect for home office inspiration boards to classroom presentations and conference rooms, the dry erase marker writes smoothly, without the squeaky feeling of most pens intended for white boards. (If the standard is a ballpoint, Muji’s is a rollerball.)

Muji-refill-1.jpg Muji-refill-2.jpg

The true genius, however, is the refillable ink cartridge. Once the marker runs dry, unscrew it and pop in a new cartridge to reduce unnecessary waste.

Markers come in red, blue and black, and are available for $1.75 each at all NYC Muji locations. Refill cartridges sell online from the MoMA design store.