Mymo’s Reinvented Monograms

From proprietary software to petite 3D-printed jewelry


One year ago, NYC-based designer Patrick Durgin-Bruce debuted a clever and unique update to the idea of monograms. Developing his own font and proprietary software, Durgin-Bruce created Mymo—an entirely customizable amalgamation of letters that are 3D-printed in sterling silver and stainless steel. At this year’s Pitch Night, we met with Durgin-Bruce and got a peek at where Mymo was going next.

Debuting today is a smaller version of his sculptural monogram. “Some people like having a daintier piece of jewelry,” Durgin-Bruce shares. “Our big ones are a statement piece, but everyone has a different style; we wanted to offer a more subtle approach.” The development process for making smaller pieces mirrored his initial experience. “Two years ago, when I kind of first started hearing about the manufacturing possibilities of 3D-printing, I realized there was actually manufacturing quality that was kind of cool. I made a pendant for my wife as a Christmas present in 2012, combining the initials of our kids.” After months of positive response to the necklace from friends and family, and a realization that 3D-printing production values were only increasing, he applied it to personalized jewelry and began exploring. Mymo was born.

mymo-mini-necklace-2.jpg mymo-mini-keychain-1.jpg

The process of turning a one-off gift into a business was months long. “We developed the type face design, then the software,” he continues. “And we’ve had a blast doing it.” Durgin-Bruce began experimenting with other materials, one of which is ceramic—something that he hopes to offer down the line, though the process is more difficult. He sees a future in developing all potential material bases as technology catches up with imagination.

The new smaller pieces also come in gold, another addition to his quest for material innovation. The Mini Necklace and the Statement Necklace are available for purchase online, where the tinier sterling silver retails for $130 and a solid 14k gold is $450.

Images courtesy of MYMO