An antidote to everything cutesy and traditional that typically goes along with parenting, the baby revolution continues to grow, fueling more chic design and with it shifting ideas about raising children. Such is the case with Nest, the debut line from Ooba, a Chicago-based furniture company founded by pro-designers Scott Wilson, Kathleen Brandenberg, and brand strategist Dan Kraemer (all first-time parents). The trio's first piece, a modernist bassinet, was designed with current trends toward bedside "cosleepers" in mind. Room-sharing is a safer and more space-efficient alternative to large cribs that require a separate room. Made from bent-ply (available in either birch or walnut veneers) that sits on chrome legs and comes with a Tyvek matress and all-cotton bedding, the bed's aesthetics make it as easy on parents' eyes as it is fear-soothing. Stay tuned for a planned crib, rocker, and glider.

$500 from Ooba.