Asia's first-ever homage to Dieter Rams' core beliefs by ten graphic designers

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Commandments as legendary as the man who created them, Dieter Rams’ ten principles of “good design” provide an essential guide for any creative seeking to produce high-quality work. In an effort to visualize the enduring concepts beyond the many products inspired by them, Singapore-based studio Anonymous asked ten graphic designers each to transform one of the tenets into an expressive poster, interpreting the fundamentals of Rams’ thoughts on design, from minimalism to innovation, in one concise collection.


Dubbed “plusminusten,” the exhibition itself embodies Rams’ philosophy on effective design, with a simple presentation that makes its purpose clear. The clean aesthetic creates an attractive space with an unobtrusive ambiance that allows visitors to contemplate the works without a forced point of view. Curator Felix Ng also emphasizes the principle that “good design is thorough, down to the last detail” by tapping Singapore’s cult music producer Nick Chan (the brains behind experimental group Muon) to create a soundtrack purposely for the exhibition.

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Much homage has been paid to the industrial designer’s seminal set of beliefs, such as Bibliotheque‘s poster for Vitsoe or Inksie‘s essay project, but the Anonymous-led exhibition is the first-ever tribute in Asia. Included in the momentous display are graphic designers Edwin Tan, Abdul Basit Khan, Aen Tan, B.A.L.L.S., Daniel Koh, Hanson Ho
Jonathan Yuen, Larry Peh, Roy Poh and Yong, who each offer a distinct perspective on what it means to be true to his craft.

“Plusminusten” is on view at The Gallery (Old School) from the 11-24 November 2011, where you can snag one of 50 lithographic prints or 250 box sets.

Photographs by Caleb Ming