RIIND’s Machined Aluminum The Pen

A continuous cam implement that can fit 35 different types of ink cartridge refills

We’ve mentioned this before, but there’s no better (and more enjoyable) way to write than with a good pen. It just feels different—from the pressure fingers apply to the angle with which it is pulled. And while there is an array of heirloom quality pens out there, new design house RIIND (founded by two MIT engineering grads) has a more affordable alternative called The Pen. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter now, The Pen offers a few features that separate it from the rest. The body is be crafted from machined aluminum, and there’s a functional textured grip area. The clip is sturdy and well-positioned. And a proprietary continuous cam mechanism technology allows for exposure and retraction of the ink tip when twisted in any direction.

The implement looks and feels smooth and also encourages smooth usage. But most importantly, when the ink cartridge inside is empty, the pen can fit any of 35 different types of refills. Ink matters (especially for left-handed people) and the ability to have a refined device that accepts such a diversity of line-weight impacts the experience. We personally got hands-on with The Pen and found it to be both effective and comfortable.

As the Kickstarter is fully funded, you can purchase The Pen (in any of their four anodized aluminum colorways) with a $95 pledge. Delivery is expected in October 2016.

Images courtesy of RIIND