Black Scale + Mehrathon Canada Edition Release

A collaborative capsule collection designed by Michael “Mega” Yabut turns the country upside down


LA-based streetwear brand Black Scale was started in 2008 by Michael “Mega” Yabut and Alfred De Tagle, and in just five short years they have opened stores in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. They’ve been responsible for collaborations with artists including Jun Cha, brands like Amongst Friends, as well as a recent, high-profile collection with A$AP Rocky and Fool’s Gold.


With such promising growth and a loyal following, last year the team behind Montreal-based skateboard and lifestyle distribution house Mehrathon set about adding Black Scale to their roster of brands to distribute to the Canadian market. Around the same time they locked in the deal to support the brand north of the US border, talks of a collaboration began and what emerged is a small capsule collection consisting of two T-shirts and two baseball caps—all playing off Mehrathon’s Canadian roots.

Sam Perrault of Mehrathon says the collaboration was a no-brainer, “We were following the brand for many years—aways been huge fans of it. When the opportunity came up to work with them for the Canadian market, we just jumped on it right away. It was a good way to start our relationship and gain some momentum in Canada. Plus we, Mehrathon, always try to work closely with brands to represent them well in our country. I think the collaboration really shows the great partnership between the brand and the distribution. That’s why, when you see this project, it’s not just about the product that comes out—but more about the partnership behind it.”


The cheeky graphics were designed by Black Scale’s co-founder “Mega” at the LA office, and this is the second collaborative capsule collection from Mehrathon, but Perrault assures us it’s certainly not the last.

Images courtesy of Black Scale