RX Made

Chicago's Rebuilding Exchange introduces a line of upcycled furniture with Strand Design


Over the past three years Rebuilding Exchange (RX) has served designers, architects and builders in Chicago as a retail outlet for reclaimed building materials. Since the non-profit’s inception the warehouse has developed a strong reputation for promoting sustainable deconstruction practices and has grown to offer instructional design classes, job training programs and now a line of furniture and home goods. Developed in collaboration with Strand Design, a like-minded local studio, RX Made is set to become a reality thanks to Kickstarter.

RX-Made-clock.jpg RX-Made-opener.jpg

Driven by a strong sense of domestic loyalty, Strand Design produces entirely in Chicago with materials sourced—and often recycled—from the greater urban area, extending that ethos to all RX products as well. A few simple designs are currently up for pre-sale through the Kickstarter campaign, including a wall clock made of workshop scraps, a bottle opener made from reclaimed maple floorboards and Stackit, a modular storage system available as either a shelving unit or bench.

For more information visit Strand Design or RX online and visit the Kickstarter to back the project.