Schindelhauer Viktor Red Race Edition

Cycling purity at its finest coupled with the latest drivetrain technology


For cycling purists, simplicity of design is king. Any changes to a bike’s parts or design—especially when it comes to a single speed commuter—must come with some serious functional benefits. Berlin-based bike company Schindelhauer predicates its full line of urban-focused rides on a major design change: belt drive systems in lieu of standard chains. The trade-off is reduced maintenance, a quieter ride and no need for messy bike grease. With the launch of the Viktor Red Race, the brand situates itself as the exclusive industry partner to the new Gates Red Carbon Drive.


Ultra strong carbon fiber reinforced polyurethane—done up in an eye-catching red colorway—makes up the drivetrain. Anyone who’s logged consistent rides on a single speed or fixed gear with a metal chain knows that chain stretch can be an annoying maintenance problem. The Gates Red Carbon Drive takes this out of the equation and contributes to a smoother ride along the way. Drop handlebars, a track-adapted frame geometry and handmade wheels make the Viktor Red Race edition a no-frills lightning fast commuter that makes use of the latest technologies without sacrificing the purist simplicity of a bike’s form.

Limited to just 50 pieces, the Schindelhauer Viktor Red Race Edition starts at €1,700. Launching 1 March 2015, the bike is currently available for pre-order.

Images courtesy of Schindelhauer