Shinola’s Lower Cost, Limited Edition Detrola Collection

Seven charismatic styles that reinforce the mission of the Detroit brand

Shinola‘s new Detrola collection successfully indulges the brand’s playful side. From bright, charismatic colorways to premium but sometimes unexpected materials, the seven-piece series comprises modern, personality-driven watches. Inside, the timepieces feature a Detroit-built Argonite 705 Quartz movement (visible through the exposition caseback on some models). Outside, a high-grade TR90 resin case pairs with K1 scratch-resistant mineral crystal and flexible silicone straps. The latter is lightweight, durable and offers quick-release functionality. Thus, the watches fit most circumstances and can be dressed up or down.

Shinola aficionados will notice that the design of each Detrola—a portmanteau of Detroit and Shinola and also a defunct but beloved Detroit brand that produced cameras and radios in the ’30s and ’40s—nods to the Shinola’s flagship model, the Runwell. Undeniably, however, these 43mm wristwatches pop with different stylistic flair than any predecessor. Further, the youthful nature of the collection isn’t gendered. For an entry-level option, Shinola’s produced a range worth coveting—or collecting.

All seven Detrola watch styles are available online for $395 each. Only 250 units per model will be produced.

Images courtesy of Shinola