Office Swap Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Ten tiny gifts from our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season of office swaps and knickknack-giving. Acting as an appetizer for the main feast, mini-gifts for a get-together or to stuff the old stocking can often be the most clever treasures of the lot. We’ve reveled in gathering charming, small and often affordable items to give by the bunch for our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, with a selection of 10 below.


Zippo Handwarmer

The iconic handwarmer provides enough warmth on one fill to keep your digits toasty for up to 12 hours of fishing, hunting, skiing or even just strolling town around during the cold months. Measuring only four inches in length, the warmer fits nicely into your palm while still producing more than ten times the heat as a traditional shake-pack.

Hex Bottle Opener

Seattle’s Iacoli & McAllister perfectly execute industrial design on a small scale with this minimalist tool. Hand-cut from a solid brass hex rod, this bottle opener is one you won’t want to hide away in a drawer when not in use.

SS-GG-snake-stapler.jpg SS-GG-brass-pencil.jpg
Snake Bite Staple Remover

Transforming the mundane office tool into a nicely designed little sculpture, the snake seems to personify what we’ve always imagined a staple remover’s evil alter ego would be. Plus, the weighty pewter accessory dresses up a desktop rather than being relegated to a drawer.

Midori Brass Pencil

Made in Japan with purposeful, sensible design, the brass pencil holder houses a miniature writing utensil and eraser. Though it seems like a complete novelty, it’s quite practical with an old-fashioned feel.


Air Quote Mittens

These ultra-soft merino wool mittens from Kate Spade allow you to communicate skepticism without freezing your fingers. One size fits all hands and quick-wit personalities.

Schluesselwurst im Glas

Roughly translated as sausage keychain in a jar, this cheeky accessory is the ultimate gag-gift or accoutrement for your forgetful friend. The wiener itself is made of lycra for a life-like look and feel.

SS-GG-click-tool.jpg SS-GG-bookman-light.jpg
Click Multi Tool

Seven tools, including five hex keys and two screw drivers, make this portable bike tool a must have for any cyclist. At less than two inches in length, this unbelievably tiny gadget can even be clipped to a key chain. Lightweight, compact and efficient, it’s everything one needs in a bike tool.

Bookman Bicycle Light

In the same fashion as the click tool, this smartly designedminiature lightis a must for city cyclists. With one LED per light—white in the front and red in the rear—the slimmed-down design allows the torch to be affixed to the handlebars or seat post easily using only a small elastic cord.

SS-GG-cards.jpg SS-GG-chocolate.jpg
Monarch Playing Cards

This elegantdeck of cards, while affordable, is fit for a king—or a magician, for that matter. Even better, each deck is made in America.

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.

The beautiful packaging on these small-batch bars give proper presentation to the southern artisan chocolates within. The lucky recipient will have a hard time unwrapping the treats, but will surely be glad once they do.