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Strongbody Apparel’s Take on Athletic Gear

How a young tech-focused company is taking on big brands and being socially conscious at the same time

Activewear is an industry monopolized by a handful of internationally renowned brands, so it’s no small feat for a start-up to enter the space successfully. Clever and courageous entrepreneurs Quincy Samycia and Meghan Conyers are making a splash thanks to innovative thinking, tech-forward fabrics and a socially responsible business model. Their Strongbody Apparel piqued our interest so we spoke with the Vancouver-based founders about their “Choose to be Better” mantra which permeates all aspects of their business—from the quality of the clothing, which is made in Canada, to their Buy One Feed One initiative, where each purchase contributes to food-based programs for children.

With a focus on performance, Strongbody’s apparel is made from high-tech, premium fabrics and manufactured in Vancouver. By designing and crafting their products locally, the team at Strongbody maintains ethical working conditions and ensures quality apparel while supporting the local economy.

Their moisture-wicking, lightweight technical fabrics provide breathability (but don’t appear flimsy). We’re particularly keen on their mesh, which is high in spandex to retain shape over time and through rigorous workouts. Strongbody’s odor-fighting nanotechnology (chitosan) is derived from seafood—specifically anti-bacterial crab and shrimp shells. Importantly, this is a process that’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We especially like the Gastown Jacket, which is waterproof and has stretch sleeves, but doesn’t look overly technical. In fact, the bomber-style jacket could easily take you from the gym to the office.

Stitching is oftentimes a forgotten detail of athletic gear—passed over for tech-forward fabrics or fashion—but Strongbody uses the flatlock style, meaning there’s no chafing. Fabrics are sewn together side by side as opposed to layered, providing a more comfortable fit with extra movability. One product that offers ultimate movability is the Athletic Jogger, crafted from soft, odor-fighting fabric. They can be worn full-length or, thanks to their four-way stretch, pushed up.

The ultimate product from Strongbody might be their Pulse Elite T-Shirt, which offers almost all Strongbody’s most innovative features: it’s made from odor-fighting, moisture-wicking fabric, boasts chafe-free seams and is waterproof. Available in black, charcoal, heather gray, olive or white, this T-shirt as just as functional on in the gym as it is mountain-biking.

Take a look at all of Strongbody’s apparel online, and keep an eye on this spirited and innovative brand.

Detail images by Cool Hunting, all others courtesy of Strongbody


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