The 4th Bin Design Competition


The 4th Bin tackles the e-waste recycling problem by proposing a massive infrastructure shift using design thought up by you. Sponsored by Valiant Technology, the international competition is putting the call out to all creative innovators to submit logo and bin designs. Eventually, the goal is to put the bins in buildings across the country so that businesses and individuals have a place to recycle hardware and properly dispose of the toxic chemicals found within devices.

For those unaware of the problem, the U.S. has produced an astonishing two million tons of e-waste and New York alone has contributed 250,000 tons to that total. To reverse the damage the 4th Bin will make being responsible more accessible through the container program and a recognizable logo along the lines of the recycling symbol.

The entry fee is $20 per individual or team. Winners of the Logo design will receive $1,500 for first place and $500 for second place. Winners of the Bin design will receive $3,000 for first place and $1,000 for second.

Submission deadline is 19 July 2009 with winners announced September 2009. For more information visit The 4th Bin.