Wearable Collections Clothing Recycling


Recognizing that discarded clothing makes up six percent of household waste—386 million tons of the stuff—in New York City alone, Wearable Collections latched on to a novel solution. Rather than dump trash-bags full of used clothing (much of it still decent but obsolete to the owner) in a New Jersey landfill, why not export it to South America where it could be put to some use?

The effort is ratcheting up throughout Manhattan with residents able to apply to have a textile recycling bin delivered to their apartment building. Using the site, residents can find out where the closest bin is or request to have one delivered.

“I think they perform a great service in putting these items to good use,†reads one testimonial written on the website by the city's recycling education director.

It's not the only creative solution to the recycling unwanted clothing, but for Manhattan residents, it is truly the most convenient.