Icon4x4’s Dusenberg-Inspired “The Duesey” Watch

Designer Jonathan Ward's limited edition piece is now available

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There’s nothing quite like The Duesey, anybody can tell with the quickest glance. There’s the black onyx dial, cut away in two places to reveal the time, told on rotating discs. This is powered by a jumping hour complication and Swiss Dubois Depraz movement inside. What might not be immediately evident is that this limited edition watch, designed by Icon4x4 founder Jonathan Ward, draws inspiration from the Dusenberg; Ward modeled the case after its radiator cap. Gages and automotive clocks formed other design flourishes. And, after repeat trips to Switzerland for parts and assembly research, a watch took shape. It’s a watch that reflects the passion of a watch-collector and design-lover, and marks his transition into a maker (once again).

“For me, everything I do is personal and maybe that’s not good business, but it’s allowed me to do what I’ve dreamed,” Ward explains to CH. “This watch has been in my head for decades and to finally see it is literally a dream come true—and I can’t wait to do a next one if possible,” he adds. With rarity as a conclusive component to The Duesey, the designer has only increased the ephemeral nature of this meticulously produced, highly imaginative piece.

The Duesey is available online now for $11,500. Very few remain.

Images by Icon4x4