Fold-up pedals and a quick release stem reduce this ride's size by half


Living in the cramped quarters of the typical city-dweller, Graham Hill founded LifeEdited, a website focused on reducing one’s non-necessities to live a more efficient life. His latest space-saving trick comes in the form of ThinBike, announced today at the PSFK Conference. This modified fixed gear features fold-up MKS pedals and a Speedlifter quick-release stem to position the handle bars flush with the top tube, reducing the bike’s width from 21 to just six inches.

ThinBike-down.jpg ThinBike-pedals-up.jpg

The modified Schindelhauer Viktor, topped off with a Gates carbon belt drive train to eliminate the threat of greasy pant legs and ghostly white components for a stealth ride, costs $1,800. If that sounds steep, Hill points out that the space-saving MSK pedals and Speedlifter adjustable stem can be added a la carte to any ride for around $200.