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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The sandwich gets its own website, skateboards get some animal love, the envelope gets a techy update and more


1. Athens Bench Mark

Yatzer spotlights a contest going on in its hometown—Athens Bench Mark challenges residents to redesign the Greek capital’s benches to revitalize and revamp its image. The contest is open through 6 April 2010.

2. Mapenvelope

Shown on The Hardback Henid, Turkish artist Beste Miray revamps the standard envelope with a simple art project. Participants can print out their precise location on Google Maps and, along with a personalized message, a few creases and glue, a Mapenvelope is made.

3. Animal Skateboards

Neatorama demonstrates how to cruise the streets in style. Doug McKee‘s hand-carved animal skateboards are constructed from red wood and feature amusing animals like an octopus or alligator.

4. Movie Title Stills Collection

Christian Annyas assimilated a bizarre and loving portrait of cinema with his screenshots of opening (and some ending) credits.

5. Warby Parker Eyewear

Vogue introduced Warby Parker, a new company offering affordable vintage inspired frames and lenses. The fashion-forward eyewear is sold exclusively in their online shop, where customers can upload pictures of their faces to try on the glasses virtually.

6. Phantogram: Eyelid Moves

Pitchfork reviews Phantogram‘s debut album Eyelid Moves. The duo’s catchy mix of street-beat heavy indie pop is sure to be a breakthrough album this year.

7. The Lollipop Shoppe

Brighton’s Lollipop Shoppe combines a clean graphic identity with it’s careful selection of furniture and design objects that embody a high aesthetic quality as well as attention to detail.

8. Lego Boardroom Table

Dublin-based architects boardroom table made up of Legos for advertising agency Boys and Girls.

9. Tree House

Designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, this Portland treehouse appears both modern and organic encapsulated in its forested surroundings.

10. The Holy Sandwich

Multi-disciplinary studio Coudal highlighted The Holy Sandwich, a website that acts as a shrine to the visual and delectable essence of the sandwich. Upload a picture of your latest masterpiece, vote on other people’s sandwiches, or simply get inspiration for your next creation.


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