An online home design marketplace boasting masculine style through shoppable stories


The task of turning a place to put your stuff into a real home can often take years. Even in cities with abundant shopping options, finding the little things that give your place personality can be difficult. With this in mind, former fashion merchants (and longtime pals) Tariq Dixon—a friend and occasional contributor to CH—and Nick Nemechek founded TRNK, an online marketplace for home goods. Launching today, the male-oriented site uniquely blends story-telling, editorial and e-commerce. “At the end of the day, the process of furnishing the home should be pleasurable—and there really is no right or wrong,” explains Dixon. “We want TRNK to be a destination for discovery and advice.”


The backbone of the site is and will continue to be “in their home”-style stories, in which TRNK goes inside the dwellings of creative gentlemen in cities around the globe. Through interviews and images, Dixon hopes readers will be inspired to style their own homes. And to accommodate this, each story is peppered with links directing readers to sites where similar items can be purchased. “There really aren’t too many other representations in the media, other than the occasional bachelor pad or ‘man cave’ story,” reflects Dixon. “The idea of showing real men rather than staged vignettes was partially to educate—to prove that there are guys who live outside of the stereotype—and it also goes back to relatability; we want the imagery to look achievable, not intimidating.”


As the site continues to develop, expect to see more traditional editorial content as well. Through this, Dixon and Nemechek hope to express more of their own creativity and taste. Launching today, TRNK is now up and running with a look inside the homes of Brett Roddis and Sean Hotchkiss.

Images courtesy of TRNK