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The Workshopped Design Expo, held annually in Sydney since 2001, is less like a competition and more like a career-builder for a select handful of emerging Australian designers. It was founded as a agency to connect young talent with manufacturers and suppliers, to help turn their ideas into commercial realities. This year’s event is hosted by Strand Arcade and is expected to draw nearly 200,000 expo-goers before its close on August 21st. See some of our favorite designs from the event after the cut.

Abalos_Snug.jpgDennis Abalos.

Ancher_Chocoholic1.jpgSimon Ancher.

Cunningham_Show-Off.jpgAmy Cunningham.

Knott_Lotuslight2.jpgDavid Knott.

Philippsohn_Slat.jpgJo Philippsohn.


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