Austin Beerworks

Texas' design-minded craft brewery

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When considering the average beer can design, images of wide mouth tops, color-changing graphics and loud patriotic motifs come to mind. As an exception to the in-your-face branding that saturates big beer, Texas-based Austin Beerworks is as focused on design as they are with creating award-winning craft beer. Launched in June 2012, the young brewery worked closely with Helm Workshop to establish a sharp, pleasant brand identity that appeals to design nerds as easily as it does to any average beer drinker.


Helm Workshop and Austin Beerworks collaborated on everything from product packaging and website design to branding the brewery and the company’s transport fleet, all of which aims to represent the beer’s crisp brewing profile. “When we first began talking about starting a brewery, we had very clear ideas about the type of beers we wanted to make,” says co-founder Michael Graham. Setting out to make “simple beers with bold and clean flavors,” Graham tapped Chistian Helm, lead designer at the namesake firm, who built the brand around those characteristics.


“I think our branding says we’re very confident in what we do. We’re not relying on gimmicks or hiding behind anything,” says Graham. Supplementing the overall package design is Austin Beerworks’ website. The intuitively navigated site informs the viewer with copy that’s both informative and humerous, along with equally clever, attention-grabbing infographics.


If you’re lucky enough to live in Austin, swing by the brewery for happy hour and catch up with the crew. The rest of the world can find more information by contacting Austin Beerworks directly. To see more, check out the slideshow and visit Helm Workshop online.