Lopez Echeto’s Canary Island Chocolate Banana Bites


Detours, accidents and mishaps are often the source of the unexpected. Luis Lopez Echeto Sr., scion of the nearly 120 year old Confiteria La Suiza company, made a stop in the Canary Islands on his way to the U.S., where he intended to immigrate. He never made it to the States, and instead started making chocolates inspired by the local flavors that surrounded him.

For a tropical addition to your chocolate stash, try his chocolate covered Banana Bites. Local bananas are naturally dried, providing the sweet and tender core of these tasty treats, which are covered in dark chocolate and lightly dusted with cocoa powder.

Lopez Echeto's Canary Island Chocolate Banana Bites are available online from iGourmet (4.4 oz for $7) in the U.S. or from Lopez Echeto (250g for €9,50).