Canary Provides Peace of Mind

Smart home security that's easy to use and looks good too


Why stress about your pets, kids, housekeeper, repair people or seniors (not to mention burglars) when you can monitor your home with Canary? More than just a camera, Canary can sound a very loud alarm to startle intruders, and it can help you get in touch with local emergency services if something goes wrong. It even reads the temperature, humidity and air quality of your space.

Creating peace of mind shouldn’t be scary or complicated. Or ugly. Canary was designed in NYC and serves a purpose with style—easily mistaken for a bookend, vase, speaker or decorative object. It’s controlled from an easy-to-use app on your phone, which alerts you through intelligent notifications whenever something unusual is happening at home.

When you do check in, you’ll find the 1080p HD wide-angle camera delivers crisp images—even at night with its best-in-class night-vision. Set-up is easy and quick using the app, and if you have more than one room you want to monitor you can have up to four Canary devices keep an eye on things.

We’ve been using Canary for a few weeks and are really impressed. It’s smart enough to know when you leave or enter; arming/disarming automatically. If you don’t want the camera or microphone on when you’re home, Canary can automatically switch to a privacy mode.

Now through 25 December, $179 buys you peace of mind and smart home security, including a free plan providing 12 hours of history and five saved videos (that’s a $20 savings compared to the regular price). Two Canary units (perhaps gift one and keep one) are $349. Canary is available in white, silver and black.

Images by Cool Hunting Studio