June Taylor Organic Jams


Friends of mine have been receiving little pots of June Taylor's jams
for the last few years. It’s been a closely held little secret of mine. Fortunately for all of us, June has settled into her new “still room” in Berkeley and has been able to meet the increasing demand of her hand-made artisinal marmalades, conserves, fruit butters, syrups and other special treats. Superlatives are not enough to communicate the passion, skill, dedication, craftsmanship and flavors in her work; all of which is made from local (San Francisco area) organic fruits that she has even been known to pick herself, and made by hand by a master craftswoman. In addition to savouring her jams most every morning, I’ve found great success using them when I cook and bake, too. While some may scoff at paying $10 for a jar of jam, I promise you your tastebuds will rejoice with every spoonful. Available at several retail stores and online