Have ingredients delivered and cook like a pro at home


In a city notoriously limited on space, many New Yorkers prefer to keep their pantry shelves stocked with bottles of booze over a full run of spices. To play to the sporadic nature of home cooking in the Big Apple, a trio of French friends and entrepreneurs have founded Chefday, a service that conveniently delivers all of the necessary ingredients for making one of their meals. Not only does it eliminate annoying aspects of grocery shopping—like buying an entire jar of mustard seeds when you only need one ounce—but they deliver everything you need without having to spend an hour perusing the farmer’s market.


The newly launched site currently offers six dishes to choose from—including parmesan veal Milanese, asparagus-stuffed salmon and stir fried green bean vermicelli—each created by a professional chef. The ingredients Chefday provides are just the starting point for these recipes. The package also includes step-by-step instructions, which are exacerbated by a helpful video showing the chef cooking that exact meal.


Chefday allows you to prepare a restaurant-worthy meal in the comfort of your own home. They will deliver ingredients for as few as two people, or up to a party of eight, making it a super simple way to entertain. Prices span $35 to $95, depending on how many mouths you plan on feeding. Keep an eye out for more recipes from their Michelin-starred chefs or order one of their current selections online.

Images courtesy of Chefday