Cocktail Courier Hits Chicago

Everything you need to whip up superb cocktails delivered straight to your door


When you’re looking to order beer, wine and spirits directly to your home, both Drizly and Minibar Delivery App can get alcohol to you rather quickly. But if you’re planning on making a mixed drink, Cocktail Courier comes complete with a recipe and all the fixings required to whip up something spectacular. It’s an all-inclusive delivery service sporting top of the line recipes, fresh ingredients and quality spirits—all you have to do is start shaking. Cocktail Courier launched first in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, but today, 25 February 2015, they’re hitting Chicago. The drinks were all developed by the ShakeStir bartender community, and each order from Cocktail Courier truly contains every single ingredient you need.

To outline how the program works, we’ve selected four of their launch cocktails, available for order now. Each recipe below outlines not only the portions of each component, but everything that is included in the package when it arrives at your door via next-day delivery. (A day is required to prep all ingredients, assemble and deliver, with a guarantee that everything is completely fresh.) On average, each cocktail takes three to five minutes to put together. And they’re priced at between $5 and $15 per drink, in boxes that serve four to 12 cocktails.


Pinup Sailor Daiquiri

Developed by Liz Pearce, who owns (and helms the cocktail program at) Chicago’s The Drifter, this spice and citrus concoction is as finessed as it is celebratory.

1 bottle of 200ml Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

1 bottle of 375ml Combier Pamplemousse Liqueur

1 bottle of fresh lime juice

1 bottle of jalapeño simple syrup

1 bottle of Bitter Truth Celery Bitters

1 whole lime


Botanical Beach

Based on a traditional gin gimlet, but punchier, Matty Eggleston of Nico Osteria crafted a refreshing, rich recipe that’s easy to assemble.

1 bottle of 200ml St. George Terroir Gin

1 bottle of Toasted Coconut Syrup

1 bottle of fresh lime juice

1 bag of fresh mint


Southern Style Old Fashioned

From Peter Vestinos, now at Betty, the Old Fashioned gets a nuttier touch by way of pecan spiced syrup. It’s a nice addition in another quick-to-prepare cocktail.

1 bottle of 375ml Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon

1 bottle of Pecan Spiced Syrup

2 whole oranges

2 whole lemons

Angostura Bitters


Moscow Mule

As part of the ‘Courier Classic’ series, which are Cocktail Courier’s renditions of classic cocktails, the Moscow Mule is a staple—especially for vodka lovers.

1 bottle of 375ml Stolichnaya Premium Vodka

1 bottle of 4 oz Pickett’s ‘Medium Spicy’ Ginger Beer Syrup

3 bottles of 200ml Fever Tree Club Soda

2 bottles of fresh squeezed lime juice

2 whole limes

Images courtesy of Cocktail Courier