Chill Out

Keep the Coronas iced iced baby with these five added-bonus coolers

Whether trekking miles in the Grand Canyon with a six-pack or adventuring in the backyard, these coolers offer as many ways to enjoy a cool drink as there are places to sip them.

CoolersCoolBottle.jpg CoolersColdKeeper.jpg

The Cool Bottle ($35), a simple frosted decanter, comes in perfect for keeping beverages chill for leisurely stretches on the veranda or stoop.

When you want food not just cold but frozen, Prepara’s Ice Cream ‘Cool Keeper’ keeps the creamy goodness cold but hands warm, and with a built-in spoon holder to boot. The Cool Keeper is $10 from Prepara. A neat alternative, we covered Zak Design’s Ice Cream Keeper in 2008, and you can buy it from the
MoMA store

CoolersREIPack.jpg CoolersColemanSteel.jpg

Famed masters of the outdoors, R.E.I. makes toting easy with their Backpack Cooler. Pack it out for $45 or choose from a variety of other portable soft-pack models.


The old-school master, Coleman keeps its rugged name unsullied with the 54-quart Stainless Steel Belted Cooler, for $220. There’s also the more economical, but similarly classic, Steel-Belted Cooler for $139.95.

For urbanites, the Built‘s Extra Relish Lunch Tote in bright Nolita Stripe or Ski Patrol Red keeps the lunch and the look ice cold.

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