Coolhaus Ice Cream Recipe Book

A mouth-watering guide to creating gourmet desserts at home


When architect Natasha Case and real estate developer Freya Estreller repurposed a mail truck to fill with highly imaginative all-natural cookie and ice cream creations, no one predicted such an immediate, overwhelming success. Food trucks come and go (quite literally) but the duo’s brand Coolhaus would spawn installments in other cities, storefronts and an entry into supermarkets nationwide. And, with the Coolhaus Ice Cream Book, available today from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the very recipes that initiated the movement are bundled in a brilliant 240-page, full-color book authored by Case, Estreller and Kathleen Squires.


From Bourbon Pecan Pie to Fried Chicken and Waffle ice cream flavors, and refreshing Thai Iced Tea Gelato, the book delivers the secret compositions to some wildly exciting treats. It spans multiple flavor categories, from the classics to salty, fruity and boozy. Beyond just ice cream, the book also reveals wondrous sorbet, shake and cookie creations while also featuring a strong vegan and vegetarian section. Alongside each recipe, a full-page image inspires multiple senses—effectively encouraging readers to make the recipes rather than just drool over them. There’s something for everyone with a sweet tooth and all the recipes have been tested by the hordes that flock to enjoy Coolhaus treats.


The book is rounded out by an educational element. With the world of architecture as a starting point for the co-founders, it’s had quite the impact on the actual treats—from the naming of the recipes to the actual structural composition. Next to several recipes in the book, the historical craft is addressed with questions about significant architectural figures and their contributions. Each is accompanied by descriptive answers, anecdotes and even illustrations. It’s a nice finishing touch to a gorgeous book helmed by the masterminds of desserts known for their flourishes.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Book is available for purchase online for $20.

Photos by David Graver