New Cracker Options

From artisan flatbreads to heart-shaped Lahvosh, four fresh ways to liven up a cheese plate

For snacking or adding to our frequent afternoon cheese plate, we’ve found a few new crackers.


Aunt Berta’s Whole Grain Crackers

Made entirely of natural seeds and whole grains, Aunt Berta’s Whole Grain Crackers are as delicious as they are nutritious. Available in Whole Wheat, Rye and the tasty herbed Zatar, these unusual looking crackers from Israel are free of sugar, oils, flour, food coloring and flavor additives. With a natural and hearty taste, they’re full of fiber and heart-healthy Omega 3s. Aunt Berta’s products will soon be available on their website.


Valley Lahvosh Crackerbread Hearts, Rounds and Stars

While Valley Lahvosh‘s 15-inch crackerbread rounds are a favorite but not the best looking on a cheese plate when broken up. Their new Hearts, Rounds and Stars offer the same great cracker in a more manageable and attractive shape that pairs well with toppings, cheese or dips of choice. Pick them up online or from your local grocer for around $4 a box.

crackers_littleragghis.jpg crackers_littleragghis2.jpg
Little Ragghi’s Crackers

Dubbed “the world’s most addictive cracker,” Little Ragghi’s Crackers are an artisan flatbread baked with olive oil and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. Still handmade by Native American Indian Raggatha Calentine, the distinctive taste is attributed to the love that she bakes into each batch. A portion of profits from each purchase, including the popular $7 satchel, is donated to the Native American Family Camp, keeping Little Ragghi’s vision alive.


Natural Nectar Cracklesnax

Huntington, NY-based brand Natural Nectar recently released a new line of chip-like crackers delicious enough for snacking without help from dips or cheese—though they do pair particularly well. Cracklesnax are made from natural ingredients like potato, tomato, parsley and spinach, and each square is a healthy crispy puff that contains less than 40% of the fat of a regular potato chip. Currently unavailable online, Cracklesnax fans can find them at most local health food stores.