Sweeteeth Chocolates

Small batch chocolates oozing with flavor and character


Admittedly, we were first seduced by Sweeteeth‘s irreverent packaging for their “Call of the Wild” port wine caramel chocolate bar, but once unwrapped it became immediately clear that the contents inside were also worth a healthy drool. While “Call of the Wild” oozes with sticky sweet caramel for an indulgence that is best shared (and may inspire a little mating of your own), the other two bars we tried from John Eric Battles—the Charleston, SC-based chocolatier behind Sweeteeth—downplays the sugar in favor of spicier concoctions. “Cinnapsis” is a crunchy blend of dark milk chocolate, dried apples, candied pecans and cinnamon, while “PB+C” combines dark and milk chocolate for the silky shell, which is filled with natural peanut butter, cocoa butter and chipotle peppers, and is topped off with pink Himalayan sea salt.


Sweeteeth bars are handmade in small batches to keep flavor at the forefront of their operation. Chocolates span $5-7 and can be found online from their shop or from NY Mouth.

Images by Karen Day