Naked Homebrew Labels

Reusable vinyl stickers from Garage Monk make marking your homemade concoctions simple


When it comes to homebrewing, often the only option for marking each concoction is the old sharpie-on-cap method. While going label-less makes reusing bottles and lids easier, “naked” containers are a surefire path to confusion. Garage Monk offers a simple solution with the Naked Homebrew Label—a reusable two part label specifically designed for homebrewers. Like many great inventions, the clever labels were inspired by simple frustration. “I was grabbing for the Malbok and getting Hefeweizen,” explains Drew Dougherty, Garage Monk creator and designer. The simple labels allow for repeated marking and erasing, making bottle reuse easier and organizing much more efficient.


The labels come in a range of colors and shapes, and fit onto the bottle neck and body, offering a wide range of ways to differentiate between brew styles and batches. Made of super adhesive waterproof vinyl, the stickers are dry-erase compatible, sweat-proof, ice-proof and machine washable—plus they’re very reasonably priced. Visit Garage Monk online for a look at the range of labels, selling in packs of 24, 48 and 70 for between $24 and $48.

Images courtesy of Garage Monk