Insect-Based Pet Food Could Help Curb Climate Change

The way we eat undoubtedly needs to be transformed in order to curb climate change, but one area of the food system that’s often overlooked pertains to the “carbon pawprint”—aka pet food. A 2020 study by researchers based in the UK and Germany discovered that the pet food industry emits “as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as the total emissions of the Philippines or Mozambique.” A remedy to this could be bug-based pet food. Various companies are already looking to the insect world to redesign pet food, with particular focus on the Black Soldier Fly. Not only are these flies packed with protein and calcium, they also reproduce quickly. As Tansha Vohra writes in MOLD, “If insects really are the future of food, and we open our minds to alternative proteins and solutions, it is entirely possible that we might be able to curb climate change, even if it is one pawprint at a time.” Read more at MOLD.

Image courtesy of MOLD