Izzybelle Chocolate Sauce

Artisinal chocolate spreads perfectly complementing everything from ice cream to nachos

izzybelle1.jpg izzybelle-chocolate4.jpg

While a no-brainer with ice cream sundaes, the makers behind Izzybelle Chocolate Sauce intend for it to pair well with almost any type of food. Flavors like Orange, Chili Cinnamon or Raspberry perfectly enhance foods spanning nacho chips to chicken with its smooth consistency and subtly balanced taste.


Comprised of both healthier and fewer ingredients than the average chocolate syrup, the Colorado-based chocolatiers create Izzybelle in small batches, maintaining each jar's high quality flavor.

For a full list of Izzybelle chocolate sauces and an array of toothsome recipes, see their online shop. Each jar runs $13.

Photos by Kristina Sacci