Link About It: This Week’s Picks

IPad porn, gelato popsicles, bad Obama paintings and more in our weekly link list


1. Popbar

Wallpaper Magazine alerted us to the guaranteed summer hotspot Popbar, a beautifully-designed popsicle stand peddling fresh frozen gelato made with ingredients shipped directly from Italy.

2. Girl Talk Visualizer

For budding DJs or simply anyone who’s ever wondered what that addictive 10-second sample is in one of Girl Talk’s catchy mash-ups, Edd Hannay created a clever visualizer to sort out what tracks he uses when.

3. New York Subway Map Makeover

Via New York Magazine, the New York Times unveils the MTA’s makeover of the city’s sprawling subway map, the first since 1998. With its simpler design and deleted service guide, it’s more of a makeunder.

4. Bad Obama Paintings

Bad Obama Paintings showcases presidential portraits by aspiring Shepard Faireys across the nation in an online gallery, ranging from the tragically earnest to “Is it ironic or not?”

5. IPad Porn

As seen on Cult of Mac, a German artist mocks the porn-free iPad by plastering fake NSFW iPad ads in a Berlin subway station.


6. Wear Today

Google Creative Lab’s Ed Kim recently started illustrating the shirts he wears each day on his Tumblr blog, Wear Today.

7. The Portfolio of Falko Ohlmer

Falko Ohlmer, a Hamburg, Germany-based graphic designer and illustrator, has a motley body of work featuring colorful collages, and playful, pop-art-esque illustrations.

8. Best Made Company Pocket Axes

A Cool Hunting favorite, Best Made Co. has been gathering buzz on the internet with the release of its new 11.5 x 3.75″ Pocket Axe, which comes in four different colors and sells for $95.

9. Narwhal Co.

Narwhal Co., a new company, takes old vintage neckties and upcycles them into everyday accessories. Their collection features a variety of wallets, wristwear and passport covers.

10. Clark’s 1967 Desert Mali Boot Reissue

Highlighted on Sartorially Inclined as “a Desert Boot on steroids,” the impending reissue of Clark’s 1967 Desert Mali Boot will surely make it as a Fall favorite. Set to launch in leather or suede, the beige boot may be difficult to keep clean but for neat-freaks out there, they will also come in brown and black.