Sous-vide cooking in the palm of your hand

by Irvin Slobodskaya


Sous-vide cooking is a time-tested, 300-year-old method in the culinary world, enjoying somewhat of a resurgence among today’s molecular gastronomist chefs. The remarkably simple process—it works by vacuum-sealing foods in plastic and cooking in a uniformly heated water bath at a specific temperature—has contributed to its longevity, and now, bringing it all together is the Nomiku. Recently funded through Kickstarter after being introduced this spring, the immersion circulator for sous vide is about the size of a hand blender, conveniently designed to clamp onto the side of any cooking pot.


The Nomiku offers a portable, easy-to-use alternative to dedicated sous-vide machines. Simply fill a pot with water, place desired ingredients in an air-tight plastic bag and crank the Nomiku to the right temperature on the tool’s OLED display. The result: tender, evenly cooked meat that’s as attainable in the home kitchen as it is in sophisticated, professional operations.

Taking the next step into manufacturing after the successful Kickstarter campaign, the Nomiku design team is currently in China overseeing the first production run. With this in mind, Nomiku expects to make sous-vide available for the masses this December with pre-orders available now for $359.