Olli Salamini

The Virginia-based company launches petit portions of some of their most popular salames


At the recent Fancy Food Show, one of our favorite bites was a little kick from the spicy new Olli Calabrese salamini. Portioned in a small size more commonly found in Europe, Olli Salumeria uses their old-world artisanal techniques to create their new little salames.

Ready for snacking, picnicking and entertaining, Olli’s new salaminis come in the spicy Calabrese with cayenne and paprika, an applewood smoked Napoli, a mild Norcino and a traditional American-style Pepperoni. They all pair deliciously well with crusty bread, cheese, crispy vegetables and—of course—wine or beer.

Olli-Calabrese.jpg Olli-Pepperoni.jpg

All Olli salames are crafted in Mechanicsville, Virginia using founder Ollivero ‘Olli’ Colmignoli’s 160-year-old family recipes and are made with pork from family-owned, sustainable farms including Mosefund Farm in New Jersey and Becker Lane Organic Farms in Iowa. Each salame is carefully prepared, starting with carefully sourced quality meats that are then hand-rubbed with seasoning and gently slow-cured. The company soon will expand their operations to Southern California aiming to gear up production in early 2015.

Olli Salamini is available online with packages of all four varieties for $35 and at selected retailers.

Images courtesy of Olli