Pasta Setaro Spaghetti Limone

A lemony artisanal pasta made from volcanic water and the finest Italian ingredients


The spaghetti limone from Italian family-run Pastificio Setaro adds an easy kick of refined flavor to any pasta dish. Spanning three generations, Pastificio Setaro is the lone remaining producer of artisanal pasta out of the 130 that once populated the Naples area of Torre Annunciata.

The Setaro family makes their pasta from semolina (a high-protein durum wheat flour) and mineral-rich water from nearby Mount Vesuvius, pushing the dough through antiquated bronze machines that leave it with a slightly rough composition—the perfect texture for adhering to sauce or olive oil.

A great pasta for warmer months, we recently enjoyed spaghetti limone at CH HQ with a mix of Russian kale, shallots, basil, goat cheese, scallions, chili flakes and additional lemon zest.

Pasta Setaro sells online (and at NYC’s Chelsea Market) from Buonitalia for $6 per pound.