Peanut Butter Cups

Five all-natural twists on the classic peanut butter cup

Since dairy farmer Harry Burnett Reese dreamed them up in 1928, peanut butter cups have been making mouths salivate for the salty sweet confection. Improving on the classic treat isn’t easy, but replacing unpronounceable artificial fillers with natural, organic ingredients makes the snack tastier and a tad healthier too. Below are five chocolatiers whose peanut butter cups deliciously rival convenience store norms.


Rich Belgian milk chocolate and peanut butter ganache work perfectly together in Nikid’s Peanut Butter Truffle Cups, our overall favorite. Top-notch cups housed in elegant packaging proves a keen attention to detail and a made-to-order production process guarantees each bite is super fresh. Purchase through Etsy where a 1/2 pound (6-7 cups) goes for $10—well worth every penny.

justins-pbcups2.jpg nector-image2.jpg

We’ve been a fan of Justin’s Nut Butter for some time now, so giving the brand’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups a try was a no-brainer. The combo might throw you off at first bite, but overall taste delicious. Their idea is simple—take the finest organic peanut butter and meticulously enrobe it with organic fair-trade dark chocolate for a delicious natural treat. Shop online to get a three-pack for just over $5.

Those raised by hippie parents will remember Nectar Nuggets as a favorite health food store treat. Recently reintroduced, Natural Nectar’s Nectar Nugget peanut butter cups boast zero trans fat and are made entirely with natural ingredients including homemade peanut butter and organic chocolate. Simple ingredients and a traditional look makes this classic appeal to everyone, though we’re lobbying for the brand to also bring back caramel, coconut and other variations we remember from our childhood. The three-pack sells online for $6 but candy addicts can buy in bulk, with a 24-pack going for $45.

ocacoa-box1.jpg sjaak-cups2.jpg

Ococoa’s elegant take, a silky dark chocolate delicately filled with organic peanut butter and topped with a touch of Alaea salt, takes the concept to a gourmet level. The Classic Peanut Butter Collection is as beautifully packaged as it is delectable—perfect for gifting. Pick up a nine-cup box online from Ococoa for $22.

For a vegan option, check out Sjaak’s Organic Fair Trade Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites” With a name as long as its ingredient list (don’t worry, all vegan and organic), these gold foil-wrapped treats will satisfy the sweet-toothed without any of the dairy. While the peanut butter was a little liquefied, chocolate quality was right on point. Sjaak’s sells online in 1.5-pound tubs where $33 gets you over 50 pieces.