Peanut Cocoa Butter

A chunky, slightly sweet alternative to the conventional peanut spread


From all-natural peanut butter cups to almond butter spreads, we’re always on the lookout for a tasty iteration on the classic American staple. Our most recent discovery is Peanut Cocoa butter from Big Spoon Roasters. Made in North Carolina from a short list of carefully selected ingredients—stone-milled dark chocolate (made from bean-to-bar cocoa) and fresh-roasted peanuts, wildflower, honey, sea salt and a dash of organic coconut oil—the crunch spread is a hearty, slightly sweet treat that’s perfect on toast, with fresh fruit or even by the spoonful if you’re feeling rebellious.

As for the nutritional aspects, many claim dark chocolate to be a super food—so that’s certainly a bonus. Either way, the raw ingredients offer a crunchy texture that’s a nice alternative to conventional peanut butters. Though, like any peanut-based product it can get slightly dry, so we recommend adding a touch of honey to make it a bit easier on a piece of toast. Visit Big Spoon Roasters online to purchase an 8oz jar for $11.

Image courtesy of Big Spoon Roasters