Q Tonic


We've seen other tonics boasting superiority over supermarket brands and heard of enlightened bartenders experimenting with DIY versions lately, but Q Tonic, a new Brooklyn-based maker, is elevating the mixer to appreciable new heights. Doing away with the additives and high fructose corn syrup found in other brands Q uses quinine sourced from the Andes and Mexican agave as a sweetener.

The result is (most importantly) not too sweet, a common problem with other tonics, and (bonus!) a way to trim calories from mixed drinks. Agave also lends a rounded sweetness that better balances bitter quinine. With champagne carbonation (smaller bubbles), Q all but guarantees perfect G and Ts or any number of other drinky-doodles.

Individual bottles (sized proportionally for drinks) are available for around $2.50 each. Check the Q Tonic site for a list of retailers. Online, purchase bottles from KegWorks for $2.50 try Sam's for four-packs ($9) or check cases of 24 ($51).