Improve your technique with this comprehensive culinary tablet


Scaling back the general capabilities of all-purpose tablets, the French-made QOOQ (pronounced “cook”) delivers a highly specialized kitchen assistant. The recently upgraded model is about to hit the U.S., and, while it doesn’t set out to revolutionize the tablet market, QOOQ offers an easy-to-use interface with seemingly limitless options for foodies.

Content-wise, there simply aren’t any cooking apps that can match the QOOQ. The tablet contains 3,600 recipes—including 1,200 videos with expert chefs—available 50 at a time with a monthly subscription. Besides offering recipes by acclaimed chefs, QOOQ encourages users to upload their own family recipes. One of QOOQ’s most impressive features is the recipe calculator, which enables users to adjust recipe measurements according to the number of people being served and, once you know what you’re cooking, the tablet generates a shopping list. Schedule a week’s worth of meals, and QOOQ will send you off with all the ingredients you need, streamlining your family meal-planning.


The hardware is set up to withstand culinary beatings with a splash-proof 10-inch screen and rubber feet to ensure a secure grip. The attractive red casing is robust enough to take some punishment without negating the tablet’s mobility. The software is built off of a customized Linux OS, with web browsing, media streaming and social media enabled.

In the new version of the device, the artisanal French recipes have been slightly modified to fit the American palate. QOOQ also offers access to online content if you’re not interested in the full tablet experience, or simply want to check out the goods before you splurge. While $399 might seem a bit high for a single-purpose device, the French-made construction and abundance of regular content justify the investment.

The English version of QOOQ will launch in the U.S.A. this Fall, while the French version is available now through the QOOQ shop.