Range Smart Thermometer

Cook to perfection with an iOS-enabled kitchen tool complete with mobile alerts and temperature graphing


A lucky few are born with the ability to cook perfect dishes time and again. For the rest of us, there’s the Range: A smart thermometer that measures and records temperature, sending alerts to your mobile devices when your food is ready—or more accurately, almost ready. This means no longer being housebound when making brisket or ruining yet another batch of home brew because of a line at the grocery store. Best of all, you can learn from your mistakes and triumphs by saving temperature graphs in recipe folders.


Part of Range’s brilliance is its simplicity. Rather than using wireless technology (which can be a chore to set up) Range’s designers at Supermechanical, the studio known most recently for its wireless home-monitoring device Twine, opted for a food-safe silicon cord rather than wireless technology. “We understand that precision and reliability are critical,” says Supermechanical principal John Kestner, “by adding a cable to Range and using the smartphone’s connectivity and interface, we were able to invest in better materials and thermometer components while making absolutely certain you get that alert.”

Kestner says he was first inspired to create Range because of his affinity for multi-tasking—especially while cooking a roast. “With Range plugged into the kitchen iPad, I can run to the store for drinks and get a notification on my phone in time to get back home,” he says. The Range maps and graphs temperature on the iOS app over time. Set a desired temperature to receive an alert on all of your devices and save your data for future efforts in the kitchen. The Range is compatible with older iOS devices, making it a great use for that old iPhone or iPod touch sitting in your drawer.


Range comes preloaded with temperature graphs for common uses, but Kestner says developer backers are in the process of developing more specific temperature guidelines for everything from coffee-roasting to cheese-making. Range is a must for the dedicated, detail-driven home chef looking to improve their homemade beer, chocolate or candy. “Cooking doesn’t seem like a science when a recipe only gives you vague descriptions of how something should look or feel,” says Kestner, “with Range’s visualizations and future app integration, we hope to make good food less frustrating.”


Kestner’s ability to bring digital innovation to physical objects is admirable: From his graduate student days at MIT’s Media Lab, on to his innovative releases from his own studio, his ability to create products that make everyday life easier continue to captivate.

The Range comes in both rounded and pointed tips for liquids and meats respectively. Single Ranges start at $49 but we recommend the special Omnivore package (both a rounded and pointed model) for $89 available from their Kickstarter site.

Images courtesy of Supermechanical