Sweet Jewels

Deliciously bite-size cake balls by Brooklyn-based librarian Julie Le

sweet-jewels-heart.jpg sweet-jewels-open.jpg

From fashion week festivities to parties at the Met, Sweet Jewels have been a recent hit on the NYC scene. New Yorker Julie Le whips up the multi-layered treats by blending cake with frosting, dipping them in chocolate and hand-rolling them in coconut.

sweet-jewels-purple.jpg sweet-jewels-multi.jpg

Le—a librarian at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute by day—explains “I like watching my friends take a bite into their first cake ball, because the interior is what always surprises them once they get through the hard coconut covered chocolate shell.”

A self-taught baker and entrepreneur, her newest recipe is inspired by An Choi, a Vietnamese eatery in the city’s Lower East Side, and a collaboration with Lipstick Queen‘s Poppy King is in the works, where Le will create cake ball flavors inspired by shades of lipstick. When she has a spare moment, Le also designs one-of-a-kind necklaces she threads from vintage chains under the moniker Crunchy Jewels.

sweet-jewels-polo1.jpg sweet-jewels-polo2.jpg

“Cake balls are entertaining all around. They are sweet, the ultimate indulgence in bite sized proportions, not messy like cupcakes, and there is a filthy connotation that goes with it that has everyone giggling like teenagers” Le said. “The jokes about my yummy, tasty balls never get old.”

Sweet Jewels sell from her Etsy shop, with prices starting at $14.